A patented hi tech system which is aimed at the rock climbing industry. This unique bag is far less cumbersome than traditional bouldering mats and offers a massive improvement on safety for those who have an adventurous spirit. We've also added some features to make this unique product more versatile than a Swiss army knife!Here's where you can enter in text. Feel free to edit, move, delete or add a different page element.

This state of the art bouldering system:

  • Inflation time approx 3min
  • Airflow system regulates inflation to maximise battery and increase safety
  • Bag size: 38cm x 25cm x 60cm
  • Solar powered! (for safety reasons this is to charge the internal battery... after all... we're in the UK)
  • Mains charging
  • Luggage compartment (to carry all your other rock climbing stuff!.. yoo don't get that with a lump of foam!)
  • Chalk compartment
  • All important first aid compartment
  • Clipping eyes
  • Pole/Axe holder
  • Solar cell
  • Control panel with power level indicator
  • Hand made to the highest quality
  • Inflated matress size is a staggering!!.. 3M x 1.6M x 0.6M
  • Increased confidence!
  • 2 year guarantee


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